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Photo by Brett Beadle


Sugo Sauce was born as the result of a relationship between nonna and nipote (grandmother and grand-daughter in Italian).
At the early stages Sugo Sauce was just ‘sugo’ (the common Italian name for sauce). Nonna and nipote bonded and connected through the act of teaching and learning how to make nonna’s version of a common simple sugo recipe ‘Classico’. Nonna was very rigid in her cooking method, in her ingredients used and understanding the relationship between the two. Nipote (Maya Sciarretta) adopted and maintained the specific recipe as she grew up and began cooking it for herself and her loved ones. As time passed, Maya made alterations to Nonna’s sugo recipe through inspirations and influences of living in the multicultural city of Vancouver BC.
As a first generation Canadian born Italian girl growing up in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Maya Sciarretta thrives off the city’s eccentric and kaleidoscopic composition; she is continually inspired by human interaction, the natural environment and the constant negotiation between the two.This experience made it tangible for Maya to fuse her true loves; relationships + visual communication + food (together) = Sugo Sauce.
‘Sugo Sauce’ is simply sauce in Italian and English. Its name is memorable, approachable so anyone can get to know it and bring it home to share with their loved ones.



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